Gold Rate UAE Last Updated on:

Karat of GoldRate per Gram in AED
24 Carat AED 281.25
22 Carat AED 260.50
21 Carat AED 252.00
18 Carat AED 216.00

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“City of Gold” – Dubai offers the optimum gold rate in the world

The city of shopping malls is well known for its luxurious living standards and swanky architecture, including the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. It is the city that everyone dreams of visiting once in a lifetime. Besides offering the best living experience in the city, you can also find the best quality gold at the most affordable price in the city. Astonished? Most of you would not be aware that the city is known for its gold products and is called the “City of Gold”.

A famous saying goes that ‘All that glitters is gold’ and it would be right to assume the same of Dubai. If you are searching for gold at reasonable prices, look no further than the UAE. From delicate gold jewellery to large bullion stocks, this city accommodates the best gold products with a variety of styles and designs that cannot be found in any other country.

Visit Dubai’s gold market if you have a chance. It is without a doubt the best place to shop.

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In addition to gold ornaments and designs, you can also find silver, diamond, and platinum ornaments at an affordable price from the glitzy gold market in the city. A shopaholic knows the better ways to buy things through bargaining while a market rate of these products in the UAE is usually lower than the market price of other cities in the world.

With their best-selected gold designs, UAE gold markets never fail to woo their customers. It is not uncommon for tourists from other countries to come to this market and be amazed at the gold items displayed in the shops of the traditional markets. Most of them just say it is an experience that cannot be replicated in any other place.

It is impossible to leave the place without spending a whole day in these markets. Therefore, when making your bucket list for Dubai, be sure to schedule a day just for these markets as there is no better place to buy gold than Dubai.

Gold in Dubai and its popularity:

The UAE is home to renowned gold traders such as Kaloti, making it the ideal gold hub. You can effortlessly track gold rates in the Emirates from wherever you may be, without any heavy taxes added! Such tax-free shopping will surely leave you astounded – this is why Dubai is popular for buying gold.

With UAE Gold’s popularity and availability in many countries including India, the USA, and South Africa, many tourists come here every year to shop for their gold ornaments. The affordability of gold products further facilitates tourists’ seamless shopping experience.

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Understanding types of Gold in Dubai (22k, 24K,21k and 18K)

Being considered as the richest commodity, Gold is used as the best investment in financial terms by many in the world. If you want to purchase gold in UAE then you must also be aware of different kinds of gold karats available here. Notably, Gold is sold in karat. This is fundamentally a term used for measuring the purity of gold. Karat or ‘K’ highlights the worth and eminence of gold which is measured on a scale of 0 to 24. The highest number is 24k and it is considered to be the purest form of gold.

The common gold karats that you may find in the gold market in UAE are:

  • 24K Gold: The highest term 24K is believed to be the purest form of gold. It shows that the gold contains 99.9% purity. The 24-karat gold is the most luxurious gold in UAE in comparison to other types of gold. Usually, this gold type is bought for asset purposes. Being malleable form, the 24K Gold is not used for making jewellery.
  • 22K Gold: Usually, most people prefer 22k gold in jewellery designing. This kind of gold requires two metals- zinc and copper. The mixture of these metals is mixed with gold to make jewellery a little harder and is easy to be carried. The 22k gold contains 91.67% pure gold.
  • 21K Gold: This the third type of gold. 21K Gold has immersion of three types of metals for making a gold ornament. The 21K gold includes 87.5% gold. The metals which are mixed with the gold are usually copper or silver.
  • 18K Gold: The 18K Gold contains 75% of gold and the rest is the metal trace of six metals including copper, zinc, nickel, etc. It is a harder gold substance and is believed to be the best studded and diamond jewellery. The gold rate of 18K jewellery is basically lesser than other types of gold in Dubai.

Why Gold is cheaper in Dubai?

This question may arise in everybody’s mind that why the gold rate today in Dubai is cheaper. Isn’t that true? The UAE presents you with the best gold at cheaper rates than the world around. The reason behind this wonderful thing is that the city is free from heavy taxes that are usually levied in other countries while buying gold items.

While the UAE is famous to be known for its exemption from any such extra taxes in the emirate prices of Gold. This is the core reason why the gold rate today in Dubai is cheaper than any other country. When visitors go for gold shopping in the traditional markets, they are not bound to pay any kind of taxes other than the minimal charges of gold.

After an amendment in the Value Added Tax (VAT), a 5 percent tax is now levied on any product purchased in Dubai. It is the only tax that is applied to gold jewellery and that is least in comparison to other countries. If you talk about India and other countries so, buying gold or diamond jewellery is not an easy task because of the heavy taxes along with the making charges on gold products. Thus, this has been the foremost cause why gold is cheaper in the UAE.

Factors That Affect Gold Rate in Dubai:

Gold has always been the comfy product since its inspection, also being the holiest and good luck fortune for ages. Many people believe that Gold is the best investment that one can do because it helps you in the hard times when you face any economic instability. As the gold rates never remain the same and fluctuate as per the business trends.

Have a look at the factors that affect gold prices in the City of Gold-Dubai:

  • Tax and Import duties:

It is one of the major factors that affect gold rates in UAE. Many countries do not deal with gold and prefer importing gold so this is the factor that affects the rate of gold unswervingly.

  • Gold reserves by Govt Banks:

The Government banks of the UAE tend to prefer gold reserves and this factor leads to a change in gold rates. The rates of gold rise when the banks hold reserve.

  • Demand and Supply of Gold:

One of the most crucial factors affecting the gold price in the UAE is the demand and supply of gold. Although Dubai has many customer countries that import gold from Dubai. Thus, the rates are directly proportional to the demand.

  • Gold Production:

Due to the mining of gold which is not easy today. There are large scale gold mines that are active in these times and the mining and production rates are usually higher.

  • International currency:

The gold rate and international currency value are inversely proportional. The gold rates change in the international market as per the USD. The changes in the value of USD affect the gold rate UAE. Gold prices in Dubai follow international rates.

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How purity of gold is measured in Dubai?

The gold that is sold in Dubai contains the maximum purity but still, if you want to measure its purity then you should know that the purity of gold is identified based on ISO marks like as ISO17020, and ISO17065, etc. These ISO marks are the global specifications. As per the mandated norms, a gold product sold in the shops in Dubai must have a hallmark showing its authenticity.

For example- the 24K gold mark carries a quality mark of 999 while 22K Gold marks 916, and this shows that the purity of gold is accurately examined in the country.

Can tourists buy gold in Dubai?

Dubai is a city that is famous for its lavishness and perfect destination spots. Thus, to have such a luxurious experience, several people from different countries make their way to the city. The gold market in UAE gives one of the elite experiences that is purchasing a gold ornament and how can the tourists be deprived of it. So, yes, tourists are allowed to buy gold in Dubai.

The tourists can buy gold from any market in Dubai in form of jewellery, bullions, and bars under the restrictions and norms. Not only buying but the tourist can even get the refunds of their VAT tax levied on their gold purchase.  There is a huge market of traditional souks that is specially dedicated to gold and the tourist can purchase a different variety of gold here.

How tourists can claim their VAT refund in Dubai?

The tourists who purchase gold from the UAE with the inclusion of VAT tax can easily claim their refunds of the taxes. The Federal Tax Authority has a provision for the tourist for VAT refund claim. All they need to do is just apply for their claims. They can do it through a machine especially installed for tourists at the airports, seaports, and border ports where the tourists can submit their tax invoices for their gold purchase from authorized outlets and get their claims refund.

According to UAE laws, along with the invoice, tourists also have to submit photocopies of their passport and credit card for their gold purchase. Thereafter, either they can receive the refund amount in their bank accounts or in UAE currency.

 Top places to purchase Gold in Dubai:

If you are traveling to Dubai then do not forget to watch out for Damas and Joyalukkus. These are the most famous hotspots of gold that are located in the city malls. It offers you the best quality gold.

“Old is Gold” so, the oldest place in UAE is “Gold Souq” is located in Deira. It offers the best varieties of gold ornaments. Once you enter this store you would not be able to take your eyes off the alluring designs and collection of gold ornaments and gemstones.

Gold in UAE, so how one can forget about the most famous the traditional souks. The souks will give you a comforting experience of extravagance. Deira Gold Souk is one of the top ranges of gold stuff. This is one kind of a must-visit place in Dubai where you can go for gold shopping. Besides, this place is also called a perfect tourist spot. Meanwhile, if you want to enjoy offers then Dubai offers a high range of discounts in festive time.

So, when you visit the multi-ethnic Gulf city- Dubai, do not go back home without hunting for special souvenirs and shopping for the latest collection of gold jewellery.

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