What is the difference between Mastercard and Visa credit card?

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When it comes to signing up for a credit card, one of the choices you have to make is whether to go with MasterCard (Know More) or Visa Card (Know More). What are these names referring to? Are these names given to cards? Or it refers to a different set of benefits?
There are a number of people out there, carrying these cards, still don’t know what exactly it means. Isn’t it? MasterCard and Visa are companies providing credit card payment networks to banks and financial institutions. They are just digital payment platforms with hardly any influence over the actual credit card product and associated benefits. MasterCard and Visa aren’t the issuers of the credit card that you sign up for. Their logo on cards is only a representation of their collaboration with the bank and institutions. Credit cards from both Mastercard and Visa are equally accepted anywhere in the world. However, to broaden their reach and preference over competitions, they do present unique offerings and work in co-branded partnerships to offer a wide array of products including credit, debit, and prepaid card options.

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