Top 5 credit cards in UAE for people with salary AED 5000 per month

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Credit Cards these days have become a lifestyle necessity for people residing in UAE. However, to be eligible to apply for one, one has to qualify the required criteria set by the bank and financial institutions. It is not so easy to obtain a credit card in UAE as various factors are considered before issuing a credit card by banks or financial institutions. One of the most important eligibility factors is the minimum monthly salary requirement. The minimum salary required to apply for a credit card in UAE is AED 5000.

There are different credit cards with a different set of benefits and salary eligibility criteria. Here we are listing the top credit cards with a salary of AED 5000 in UAE to help you make the best choice for yourself.

Mashreq Cashback card


1.Mashreq Cashback Card – Unlimited , up to 5% Cashback and it’s free for life! AED 500 Joining Bonus-if you are a new credit card customer (AED 100 for existing credit card holders)

Minimum Salary: AED 5000

Annual Fee: AED 0 (Zero)

Key benefits: UNLIMITED Cashback

  • 5% cashback on dining spends in the UAE
  • 2% cashback on international spends
  • 1% cashback on other local spends
  • Earn 0.33% cashback for govt. payments, utilities, education, charity, fuel, rental and telecom spends. Cashback is not applicable on bill payments made via Mashreq Online and Mashreq Mobile.
  • 20% cashback for the first 6 months at Zomato, Netflix and more.
  • Visa Mena Offers powered by Entertainer. 2-1 deals on food, entertainment and shopping, PLUS 5,000 travel discounts.
  • Easy Installment Plan
  • AED 500 cashback if you are a new credit card customer (AED 100 for existing credit card holders)


ADIB Value Plus Credit Card

2.ADIB Value +Plus Card – Good for people who frequently shop using their credit card. Save the most by earning great reward points.

Minimum Salary: AED 5000

Annual Fee: AED 0

Key benefits: Shopping, Rewards, Dining

  • Up to 25% discount on select dining outlets across the UAE
  • On every 1 AED spent earn 2 Reward points
  • Free access to Airport lounges
  • Cash withdrawal of 100% credit limit
  • Shopping mall vouchers
  • Balance Transfer facility




3.Emirates NBD Titanium Credit Card – Use this credit card to enjoy a wide array of benefits. Save up to AED 300 every month. A good option for retail shoppers and travelers.

Minimum Salary: AED 5000

Annual Fee: AED 400

Key benefits: Travel & Leisure Rewards

  • Longest grace period up to 57 days
  • 40% discount on over 100 golf courses worldwide.
  • Discounts on air tickets and holiday packages.
  • Cash withdrawal up to 100% of the credit limit
  • Special discounts and offers at over 100 merchants
  • Earn Reward Points on all your purchase transactions and redeem them against exciting gifts or vouchers
  • Buy now and pay later in easy installments
  • Transfer the outstanding balances in your credit cards from any bank to Emirates NBD credit card
  • Free issuance for up to 2 supplementary cards


4.FAB Standard Card – FAB Standard Credit Card is one of the best credit cards in UAE. Within AED 5000 salary range, this card is one of the most preferred credit cards as it comes with loads of benefits for its users.

Minimum Salary: AED 5000

Annual Fee: AED 0

Key benefits: Rewards, Cashback

  • Free for Life
  • Earn up to 2.5 FAB Rewards per AED 1 you spend
  • Free access to airport lounges globally
  • Up to 10% cashback on spendings made using the card
  • High credit limits
  • Up to 25 days of interest-free
  • Loyalty benefits


ADIB's Etihad Platinum Card

5.ADIB Etihad Guest Visa Platinum Card – If you are a frequent traveler, ADIB Etihad Guest Visa Platinum Credit Card is the best match for you. This is one of the highest rewarding cards in the region.

Minimum Salary: AED 5000

Annual Fee: AED 700

Key benefits: Travel and Joining Bonus

  • Welcome bonus of 50,000 Etihad Guest Miles
  • Receive 3 Etihad Guest Miles for every AED 4 equivalent spent
  • Receive up to 2.​2 Etihad Guest Miles for every AED 4 spent for AED transaction
  • Free Companion Ticket – not available on any other Card in the Middle East!
  • Fast track to Etihad Guest Gold Tier
  • Valet parking at selected locations in the UAE
  • Free roadside assistance 24/7 across the UAE
  • Withdraw 100% of your finance limit as a cash


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