How to maintain a good credit score in UAE?

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What is a Credit Score in UAE?

A three-digit number, resultant of assessment of your financial records, representing your financial credibility to lenders. This score helps lenders to decide how likely it is that they will be repaid on time if they grant you the loan or credit card. The higher the score is, the better would be the chances to get the card or loan at the most favorable terms.

Here’s how you can maintain achieve and maintain a good credit score in UAE:

  1. Timely Bill Payments – Pay your bills on time. A delay in payment reflects your inability to pay the debt and it marks a negative impact on your credit score. This also spoils the credit history for future applications, making it difficult to obtain loans and cards in the future. So, avoid it at all costs.
  1. Avoid Negative Elements – Once you have used your credit card for making payments, ensure to pay it back in time. Any delay in repayment of the debt or situations like bankruptcy or delinquency can negatively impact your credit score.
  1. Don’t Max Out Your Credit Card – Maintain the ideal utilization ratio and try not to exceed 30% of your total credit card limit. In situations the amount you need require is more than 30% try to use and then pay back as soon as you can and if is something happening frequently, you may as your provider to increase your card limit.


  1. Have a Clean Repayment Record – Keep your repayment record clean start from your very first card or loan. To track your repayment record lenders check your credit history where all your detail is available. It reflects every detail from a single missed payment to written-off debts if any. The cleaner your record is, the better the credit score is.

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